Does Young Manufacturing offer the Nickel Boron coating?  No we only offer the Hard Chrome or Phosphate finish.

Do you offer Dealer Pricing?  Yes we do but the website unfortunately is not set up for Dealer Pricing.  You can send your request with a copy of your FFL to debbie@youngmanufactuirng.net and a Price List will be emailed to you.  Once you receive your Price List just give us a call to place your order.

Do you offer Military Discount?  Yes we offer a 5% Discount for Military or Police with a copy of your photo ID.  Email a copy of your photo ID to debbie@youngmanufacturing.net and we will call you when we receive.

Why doesn't Young Manufacturing stake their gas keys?  Please visit the link on our Homepage at the bottom left for our explanation.

Is local pickup an option when purchasing?  Yes of course!  Call your order in instead of placing on our website and we can let you know the best time for pickup.

What is the difference between the Lightning Link Bolt Carrier and the SP1? Please leave your email address so we can send you a letter with an explanation.

What is the thread size of the Barrel Nut?  1.9 diameter 20 TPI

Does Young Manufacturing still make the Marlin Bull pup stock / Model 60?  No we havenít made them in years.